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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ways of making some money thru the internet - Pay-To-Click sites

I was doing an investigation on the effects of multilevel marketing on consumers in Malaysia and I also noticed that the same business model is being used on the internet. One of the more obvious business proposition on the internet that uses the multilevel marketing business model is the Pay-To-Click sites (or PTC sites, for short). The following as some of my observations.

  1. Although not substantial, you are able to make some money that can be easily be paid to you;
  2. If you have referrals (down liners in multilevel marketing lingo) you can start to make serious money;
  3. It takes only a few minutes a day and you can use the time waiting for your primary website to load to engage in some PTC viewing.
Some of the major and reputable ones are as follows:


You may want to try and join some of these PTC sites and see how it'll work for you. If you are interested to experiment, just click on the images, it will directly bring you to the correct website.

1 comment:

Khairul Bakhtiar said...

I don't think ppc is a suatainable income generation nowadays. But if you have an internet business model that works, feel free to share in my blog,



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