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Monday, March 7, 2011

New company toy: Samsung Galaxy Tab: Overall view: Good

My Company recently purchased a number of Samsung Galaxy Tabs to be distributed to the staff. I got an IPAD at home and it leaves me in a good position to compare the performance of these two machines.

On a affordability front, the Samsung is more expensive than the IPAD. Even if you conclude that the difference is because of the two cameras as well as the headphones as part of the standard package for Samsung, it is still too expensive. I believe, the screen for the Samsung which is half that of the IPAD more than compensate the additional stuff provided.

The second factor that IPAD wins is the cellular connectivity. for an IPAD, you can subscribe to only broadband services and it works. For Samsung, it DOES NOT WORK with broadband only. It can only work if you subscribe to a phone line with broadband capabilities.

Other than these two things, the Samsung is better than IPAD because of the following:
  1. Most android application is free;
  2. Easy to download the applications;
  3. It can act like a thumb drive and data can easily be copied using a standard file manager;
  4. It has GPS!

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