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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am now off the electricity grid with my new solar power charger

While I was in transit in Dubai, I saw this solar power charger from the Duty Free shop. This is something new to me and I immediate bought one. It is called the Solarmonkey and a Solarnut. The Solarmonkey is the solar panel while the Solarnut (the one with that looks like an egg) is the rechargeable battery. Below is the brochure.

Operating it is simple. Just put it against any light source. At the end of the Solarnut you can have many different kinds of extensions for various electrical devices. I like the USB female connector best as it can connect to practically any devices currently available.

If required, you just need to plug it into the connector and behold! Your device is being charged by the power of the sun!

To make the most of bright sunlight (lets be honest, you don't get it often enough with the kind of thunderstorms we are getting in KL now), I also purchased the GP instant power device that can act as a charger as well as a emergency power generator. Below is the brochure.

So, while charging the Solarmonkey in the sun, I attached the GP power to also charge the rechargeable batteries. As and when needed, I charge my phone. At the moment, my phone, Samsung B7330 has been getting its juice purely from the sun for the last 3 weeks!

We can do it. We can make a change for the environment.

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