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Friday, December 24, 2010

Tech-toy gifts for kids of all ages

Fisher Price Kid-Tough Video Camera: This durable, battery-powered video camera is perfect for the budding filmmaker and claims to be tantrum-proof.

The camera has an SD card slot, allowing footage to be watched on a computer or television. It records up to 15 minutes of video.

With its kid-friendly buttons, instant-replay feature and compact size -- small enough for tiny hands -- the Kid-Tough video camera is a good combination of high-tech performance and low-tech simplicity.

Mindflex: Here's a game that gives your brain a workout -- literally. Mindflex comes equipped with a headset, a game console and four foam balls. Players put on the headset and actually use their brain waves to spin the fan within the game console. The harder you concentrate, the faster the fan spins and the higher the ball levitates.

When you're ready for more advanced challenges, Mindflex also comes with obstacles. Use telekinesis to move the ball through hoops and funnels and improve your skill.

The game also offers a variety of mind exercises that can be played solo or with up to four players.

Parrot AR.Drone: This quadricopter, about the size of an extra-large pizza, can fly short distances and hover in place almost motionlessly, indoors or outdoors. It generates its own Wi-Fi network and is controlled remotely from your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone -- or from a Linux PC and a joystick -- although it will soon be coming to other platforms.

The flying device also has two built-in cameras that stream a live video feed to your mobile device's screen.

After downloading the free AR.Drone app or software, users can launch and steer the quadricopter with the touch of their finger on their screens. An autopilot feature is available for easy takeoffs and landings.

The AR.Drone also links up with other AR.Drones via Wi-Fi, allowing players to create games and wage augmented-reality battles with rival quadricopters.

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