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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Got a new IPAD 64G - Awesome!

Bought the 64G Ipad (wireless) at Harvey Norman on Monday. A gift for my wife.

The product is awesome! I could not imagine how much fun and productivity a small product such as an Ipad can have on you. The only gripe that I got is that it doesn't come with a written manual. I am a bit old school, needs something to look at before trying out a new tool. Even though it has a soft copy manual, it can only be accessed if you are online.

I can also see why software developers can make money with this product. The likelihood of piracy is low as you need to download everything via Itune. I think my next project is to develop a simple Apps for the Ipad.

There is no additional discounts if you were to get it at Harvey Norman. Apple is controlling the retail price.

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