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Friday, October 22, 2010

What to expect when you service your car at Hup Seng Star in Kinrara? Disappointment!


I added a posting on the subject early yesterday. Today, I have some pictures with some comments on the experience.

Below is the scene of the reception lounge where all the people that drove their car for servicing wait. Immediate impression - nothing spectacular at all. You would expect, PS3 stations, banks of PCs and the works for owners of Mercedes as they wait. However, what you get is just two PCs (one with Microsoft OS, the other is an Apple machine) with internet connection; two flat screen TV, one showing the Discovery channel while the other runs Mercedes adverts continuously.

Honestly, I was stumped to the bareness of the place. It was only after 10 minutes before I realised why. The bulk of the people waiting are drivers and not the owners themselves. I believe I was the only one there that owns a machine that is being serviced. If this is the reason of the lack of a first class setup,  Hup Seng Star does not understand franchise value.

If you provide a viewing gallery of the workshop floor with floor to roof glass walls, the same kind of effort should not just stop there. Whoever that comes into the establishment must be made to feel special. He or she may well be just a driver but by maintaining the brand grandeur through a rich experience carries along way in making a lasting impression.

A classic example is Proton. I used to own one before. Sending one for services was a nightmare as there was utter disrespect to owners when it comes to servicing. I am glad to note that their main service stations have started to provide things such as food and drinks.

Honestly, I am disappointed with the experience. I thought that owning such a premium marque carries certain privileges. I was wrong....

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